Introduction of the ‘Country Cup’

After many years experiencing international Ultra Multievent competitions the IAUM frequently got the remark from the athletes to stimulate competition between the different age categories. Some of the groups has a strong competition but there are categories, often the older Master categories, with just a few participants as well.

In the same time the IAUM was thinking about creating competition between countries. This year at the European Championships in Lodi we will introduce the ‘Country Cup’. This means a competition where the best athletes of a country will create a team of 3 persons. The rules are as follows.

* The team consists of the best 3 athletes of the country (2 men, 1 woman) based on the total competition score over the age categories.

* The sum of this 3 athletes together is the total score of the country.

* The teams can change during competition depending on the results of the athletes.

* The best 3 countries will be on the podium and get a medal.

Country Cup results example, World Championships Yeovil 2013:

Ranking Country 1th Men 2th Men 1th Woman Total score
1 Belgium 10437 9876 8829 29142
2 The Netherlands 14310 10312 4397 29019
3 Germany 9882 9860 8889 28631
4 Great Britain 11550 11146 4574 27270
5 Finland 11169 10250 5597 27016

With the introduction of the ‘Country Cup’ we hope the athletes will feel more competition between the different age categories and countries. We also think this measure will improve the team atmosphere on track. Currently we are in discussion to award an extra price for the first team in the ‘Country Cup’. This ‘Country Cup’ will be a trial and after the event we will evaluate if this is valuable in the competition.

IAUM athlete of the year 2013

IAUM athlete of the year 2013

IAUM athlete of the year 2013Congratulations to Raimo Westerhof and Jérôme D’Heygere. After exactly one week of voting for the IAUM men athlete of the year they ended up with the same number of votes (211 each).

Raimo set a great performance in breaking the Dutch record Icosathlon of Marnix Engels getting a score of 12.242 points. At his first Ultra Multievent he set the 7th best performance of this century.

Marnix also lost his World Record indoor because of the performance of the Belgian Jérôme D’Heygere who set a score of 8466 points in the Indoor Tetradecathlon.

Hopefully both athletes will compete against each other on the European Championships in Lodi (Italy) in September 2014.

The ‘IAUM woman athlete of the year 2013’ is the German athlete Maren Schott. On the outdoor Tetradecathlon just 2 woman in history set a better pointscore. Indoor now she is the new World Recordholder with a score of 7869 points.
The 37 years old athlete also broke the World Record Indoor W35+ performing with senior weights as well as the World Record Outdoor W35+ (9530 points) at the World Championships in Yeovil last year. Hopefully she will be at the European Championships in Lodi in 2014 to improve her score again.

Calendar publishing – 2014

Due to the large number of questions about the 2014 calendar today we published the calendar with the latest information. By the end of 2013 we hope to have the calendar completely confirmed.

The winter season will start with the 8th Helsinki’s Indoor Tetradecathlon for men and woman. Our goal was to organize in 2014 the Indoor World Championships but unfortunately we did not find a host for this meeting. If you are interested in organizing this championship you can take contact with The possibility to upgrade the meeting in Helsinki to the World Championships is still open.

In summertime we will organize for the first time in history 4 Continental Championships instead of just 1 World Championship. These Championships will be held in Italy, Japan, USA and Australia. The European Championships in Italy are fully confirmed and will be organized the 6/7th of September in Lodi. The Australian Championships will be held at the Goldcoast and we will publish the date of the event as soon as possible. Also the Japanese Championships are confirmed and will take place in September or October. The American Championships will take place in California. More information will follow. In September there will also be the traditional Dutch Double Decathlon in Delft.

The most up to date calendar is here available.